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Stories from human trafficking survivors

Kourtney, 19-Years-Old

"It is difficult for me to talk about this topic in particular because the wings of my freedom to choose were taken away from me from a very young age, so I have always had this fear of it repeating itself.

Personally, he was a person very close to me, one of my parents and it has been difficult. It's difficult because you sit in a place where you can't get out, either because of fear, fear paralyzes you.

In my case, they sexually abused me but I have been able to cope with it over time because therapy has helped me. I feel that my hope was to be able to leave the place where I lived and the divorce from my mother because it helped me to move away from the trauma that I was carrying.

My country does not have much protection in these cases, because of this abuse being hidden in my country, many people remain silent for fear of what they will say. So it's difficult on that side. I did. I never spoke about it. But I want to overcome that stage and be able to be happy, because I deserve it. I deserve to be loved without fear of feeling that they will take advantage of me. I hope that in the end there is an earthly or divine justice."


Mikel, 15-Years-Old

"I’m a girl who was victimized by an evil man and evil people.  It all started when one day I was on Facebook and suddenly I received a friend request from a woman named Andi. She looked like a normal girl in her photos, what I didn't know was that her profile was false it was not a woman it was a man.  

The girl texts me and asks me if I wanted to work. I was only 12 years old, she explains everything about the job but what she didn't tell me was that they were going to pay me for my virginity, the fact was that we got to the point where I agreed to meet the girl supposedly to take some photos of which my face was not going to be seen I in my innocence accepted.

A few days later I left my house to meet her and the supposed photographer the case was that I got to the point meeting and I only saw a boy who approached me and told me you are the girl Andi is waiting for and I answered yes and then

he told me to go that she was already waiting for me in the studio, I accepted and we got into a taxi which took a lot of turns to turn me around and not know the direction where we were going, we arrived at the place and we did not enter through the gate, we entered through the garage it seemed strange to me, but nevertheless I accepted, we went up to the apartment and the supposed photographer left and left me with another boy in there and he grabbed me by force and wanted to hurt me. He pulled down my pants by force and I, with all the strength I had got away from him. I pulled up my pants and ran.  

I thank God because I had a little money to take a taxi and go home, after I got home my mom asked me where I was, which I didn't tell her and she told me to give her my cell phone, she began to Check and found everything. She hugged me and told me to go to the prosecutor's office to file a complaint and it turned out that like me there were more victims of that false profile. When the police arrived at his house, they found an American man who was arrested. In his home they found sleeping pills, and a cell phone full of CSAM.  

After all this, I still needed help. The police gave me the contact of a nonprofit full of beautiful people. These people helped me heal. They helped me understand how I helped provide freedom for other girls who were seeking justice. They helped me study, they helped me heal. They are my heroes! And when I finish school, I’m going to do my small part to help survivors of this crime with free makeovers, so they know how beautiful they are. All for free. Just like what was given to me. This is what freedom looks like to me."

We stand with survivors of human trafficking and exploitation in their healing journey. With your support, we can continue to provide survivors with invaluable tools they need to heal and thrive. Take action today by visiting to donate.

I hope these shock you as much as they do me, please share them and help us in this cause!


Randy and Linda


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