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Meet the Johnsons

Randy Johnson
Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson
Randy Johnson

Born October 8, 1952

(69 yrs old)

Retired Pastor, Truck Driver,

Business Owner

Loves to play guitar & sing songs

Favorite Food is American BBQ

& anything spicy

Married Linda on

March 10th, 1979

(43 yrs)

Born February 18, 1953

(69 yrs old)

Retired Administrative Assistant,

Business Owner

Loves to bake, cook, and sew

Favorite Food is

Thai (spicy)

Married Randy on

March 10th, 1979

(43 yrs)

Baby Cookies


Like most young couples, after a year or two of married life, we wanted to expand our family.

Our daughter Randie always wanted more siblings. Since Randy & I both grew up in large
families, we experienced the excitement and shenanigans all the kids experienced!

We both wanted that for Randie too!
Soooo, next logical step was to seek medical advice, which resulted in me going through fertility testing.

After 2 years (or so), medical specialists didn’t have conclusive answers.

That is why we want to help other couples who perhaps aren’t able

to conceive or have chosen adoption for their family.

As a retired pastor and business owner, Randy and his wife, Linda, have seen firsthand the sometimes overwhelming hurdles and costs it takes to finalize an adoption. So they wanted to help in some way.


In 2021, they started “Ride for Life”  with the sole purpose of helping people who want to adopt but are facing the overwhelming task of its high cost.


Their goal is simple: Sponsor bicycle riding events to raise money for those whose desire is to adopt a child.


The first event, held in 2021, was a combination solo bicycle ride and driving marathon by Randy. It began on his bike from the front steps of the Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C. to Longmont, Colorado, his place of birth.


Over 1,300+ miles were covered on the bicycle alone through five states!

He successfully completed this adventure in 2 months and raised several thousand dollars toward helping with adoptions.

Randy & Linda Johnson
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