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One Seed, One Tree

I woke up this morning with this phrase on my mind - ‘You plant one seed, you get one tree'.

Most of the time when I get a thought like that, my immediate response, you have to plant more seeds so you get more trees. For whatever reason I wasn’t thinking that, I just focused on ‘you plant one seed, you get one


I began to think about an apple tree and what it takes to have an apple tree. One seed into the ground. But what are the fruits of an apple tree? Apples! I am quick when it comes to these flash tests! So there are seeds in an apple. I have never really paid attention to how many there are, I knew there were several. I found out there are 5 seed pods in an apple and each pod can have as many as 3 - 5 seeds. That depends on the vigor and health of the apple.

Now I did some digging (not literal digging like in the dirt), and found out that most producing apple trees in US are of the dwarf clan. It takes 4 to 5 years after planting before they start producing fruit. Now each one of those trees can produce 3 - 6 bushels a season, a bushel weighs 42 pounds and an apple weighs between 1/4 to 1/2 pound depending on the type of apple. Let’s make it 1/4 pound, so that is 168 apples per bushel and we’ll say 5 bushels per year, that is 840 apples per year from one tree. Better yet that is 840 apples from one seed. Now in those 840 apples there are approximately 10 seeds per apple, 8400, so that is a potential 8400 more trees.

So why say all this? There is a verse in the Bible in Galatians 6:7 “…whatever a man sows, that will he reap.” Another translation says it like this “…For what you plant will always be the thing you harvest.”

We know that pretty much to be true; if you go out and plant a bunch of corn seeds and you’re expecting watermelons, you are going to have a rude awakening in the not too distant future! You are going to have rows of corn.

The other things we plant in our lives, are like what we listen to, what we speak out of our mouth, what we watch on TV or the net. All these things are seeds that are being planted in the soil of our minds. Depending on what we do with them can be good or bad.

Like the apple seed, if I plant it and never tend it, never water it, never cultivate it, never prune it, soon it will just die. It is the same way with the thoughts we get. Some of them we want to water and cultivate and take care of so they can grow and help us be fruitful. Others we need to let them die out as fast as you can. You see you can’t dig them out, once they’re there, they’re there. So the only way you can get rid of them is to kill them. You do that by giving them no space. You flood your mind with good productive thoughts.

You know I learned something about lawn care and weed control several years ago. Did you know that weeds don’t do well in good soil? Pretty interesting isn’t it? If you take care of the soil in your yard, enrich it with natural supplements for it, it takes a few years but soon the weeds are hardly seen and you don’t have to use any poison on them.

Same way in our minds, enrich the soil of your mind and soon it will be so rich with good productive thoughts there is no room for anything else.

If you want to prosper in your life, in every way, mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, in EVERY way — Take care as to what you put in your minds!

This is an area I have been battling over the last few months, negative thoughts. You know the ones when you say, ‘I can get this done, no sweat.’ Almost with the next breath you hear, ‘you’ll never do that … you’ve never done it before.’ Then the battle is raging, unfortunately we usually just give up and say it is not use, I can’t do it.

I started doing something to fight those negative and defeating thoughts. The Bible says in Romans chapter 12 verse 2 “….to let God transform you by changing the way you think…” I started filling my mind with His word so the thoughts I had were, ‘YES I CAN’ do that, “…because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me….” (Philippians 4:13) I say it (out loud) ‘YES I CAN!” I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!!! Your mind will get the message.

Don’t settle for the doubt, you have a seed in you that needs to be planted, so get out there and plant it. Don’t listen to the doubt! Sow it, Tend it, Keep tending it, Dig the weeds from around it and watch it grow. You’ll see the fruit.

What are you going to plant? Let me know in the comments … I want to come along side and be your greatest supporter. Let me know!


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