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Ex-Husband Beats and Trafficks 7 Year Old Daughter and Ex-Wife

A woman traveled from Spain to the Dominican Republic to pick up her seven-year-old daughter from her ex-husband, who she shared custody with. However, on the day she was supposed to return to Spain with her child, the ex-husband took the mother’s passport and beat her. Holding her against her will for several days, he began allowing his friends to sexually exploit her.

It was relatives who contacted the Spanish authorities to report that the mother and her daughter had visible bruises, missing teeth, and other signs of abuse during a video call with them.

In June, the Interior Attaché of the Embassy of Spain, requested assistance from O.U.R. to locate and rescue this woman and her child.

After conducting open-source investigations and careful surveillance on known family members, O.U.R. investigators and Dominican collaborators located the mother in Santiago. Working quickly in coordination with a local prosecutor, the team was able to safely rescue the woman and her daughter.

The criminal ex-husband was not there, but the O.U.R. team is still working with Dominican officials to find him. The mother and daughter are now at a shelter with the Ministry of Women, and O.U.R. is working non-stop to help bring them home to Spain.

If you need more information contact or you can donate here all donations go 100% to O.U.R.




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