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The Rolling Hills of Missouri

Greetings everyone from lovely Marshall, Missouri. Thought I would give you an update as to where we are and some pictures .

As of late we have been in a lot of areas with low or no data for our phones so that is why we haven't been getting things out quite as much. When we started down the Katy Trail out of St Charles, MO was when low service began.

It has been so wonderful to meet and talk to people along the way; hearing their stories is so so good. Like today we checked into a motel and the lady that checked us in, said she couldn't have children but wanted them. They thought about adopting but couldn't because they couldn't come up with the money to get it started. That is why we're doing this!

I'm going to post some pictures here and let you see some of the folks we've met and some of the beautiful country we have seen. I'll tell you some more stories next time.

Thank you again for your support see more on our facebook page, just click on the Facebook icon.


Randy and Linda


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