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Magically, We’re Still Rolling Along!

Updated: May 12, 2022

Realized I hadn’t written anything in here for a while, well I guess I better get busy.

As you know we had a minor problem with the bike wheel but it had to be changed. That cost us about two or three extra days. And threw off my timing for our days off, gotta keep the timing ;). But we got to meet Steph a great guy and an incredible wealth of information on biking.

Steph the bike guy.

So because of that we ended up riding 9 days straight without a rest day. It didn’t seem needed at the time, but oh when we got started again yesterday, we could feel how our bodies had reenergized.

We have met some incredible people along the way. Amos, a young man that had just given his heart to Jesus and was on Fire!!!

John and Ryan, cycling from Wilmington NC to Key West, they were going so much faster than us, I guess 40 years will do that, LoL.

And oh the people that want to help with adoptions! We were in a Huddle House talking to one table and soon we had several listening. Then God blessed us with breakfast.

Then for our day off we spent at the Magic Beach Motel. Old 50’s era motel totally nice and just a great place! The staff was great ! Ever in St Augustine check it out.

We will keep you informed, please make sure you share and help us get this message out!! We need YOU!!!


Randy & Linda


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