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Gotta Have a Vision for The Mission

There is a proverb in the Bible, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish.’ We need to have vision for our lives, everyone of us! If we don’t, we will perish or waste away, or waste our lives away and never do all we were created to do.

We, (Linda and I), have a vision and that is to see every child that needs adopted to have opportunities to get into a good home. You might think that is a pretty lofty vision, and it is! It has a high mark, I will say that. But if you don’t have something beyond yourself to reach for, then why do it?

We have planned a trip that will take us a little over 3300 miles and honestly it is a goal that is taking me way beyond myself. The longest I have done is 1200 miles and Linda, well she hasn’t done anything near that length. But we have a vision… we have a vision to help new mothers and dads get a new child into their homes. We have a vision to help a child have an opportunity to be placed into a loving home, a home filled with a Mom and Dad’s love & care. This vision grips our hearts and won’t let us go. It will be the engine that moves us

ahead on this journey.

Another one of our goals on this journey is motivate others to step out of their comfort zone and do something that they think is totally outside of their reach. Something I saw last year when I did my first ride was that most people I met along the way were doing something similar, whether that was biking, hiking or jogging. They always wanted to encourage you on your endeavor. It made me take notice that usually the only people that tried to discourage me were people who were doing nothing that was challenging themselves. We are created to be creative and to be creative is always a challenge and requires risk!

Let me just close by saying -“Try something you’ve never tried, stretch yourself, and go beyond what you think you can do”. What a great feeling of accomplishment (and pride) that will give you!

Until next time Be Blessed!

Randy & Linda


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