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Day 2 and 3

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Well day two was considerably longer, we went 52.6 miles. It pretty much wore us out. It was a great day though saw some really cool things and talked to some incredible people.

In my thinking I am always on a time schedule, probably all those years of truck driving. So I am learning to slow down and enjoy the ride so to speak. Our goal as you know is to raise funds and awareness of the high cost of adoptions, so we want to talk to a lot of people, well its hard to do on Randy’s tight schedule LoL. our days for a while are going to be some what shorter and let our bodies get acclimated to riding everyday.

Yesterday we were suppose to get a bit further but we ran out of gas. Well needless to say couldn’t find a tent site to camp in, but God blessed us with a night free in a vacant mobile home at an RV lot. God is so good and brings the right people to you if we just trust him.

Until next time, Be Blessed and thanks for your support! I’ll post some pics when I get better service.

Randy and Linda


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