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Altering the Course

Good morning all!!! I pray everyone is having an extraordinarily wonderful day! We are so enjoying ourselves on this ride! It isn't always easy but it sure is enjoyable.

We have spent the last 4 days here in Lakeland, FL with some dear friends of ours. It has been so good getting to see them, letting our bodies rejuvenate and get rested up.

When we originally planned this trip we were leaving home in NC April 1. Well, then we had to change that to the 19th. The reason I wanted to start so early is so we wouldn't run into

really hot weather while we were in the south. But that 3 week delay has put us in the beginning of some hot weather. After praying and talking about it, we have decided we are

going to skip the middle third of the trip. We are going to get a car and drive to St. Louis and start riding again there on our way to Rapid City. We have ridden almost 800 miles so far and will have about 1300 miles to go when we get to St Louis. So we're dropping about 1100 miles off the total trip.

So we are excited to get started riding again! From St Louis, we will be getting on the Katy Trail, which is a RailTrail. RailTrails are old railroad track beds that have been converted to biking/walking paths. They are really nice because you have no car traffic on them. We will only be on it about for about 155 miles or so; then we'll be riding on back roads for a while and following the Missouri River as we go.

I know there are more people we'll get to encounter and hear their stories as we share our journey with them. We are so thankful for everyone that has been supporting and donating to help with these adoptions!

Until next time... be blessed!

Randy and Linda


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